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Better Together: Harnessing the Potential of Human-AI Partnership

Even though I have a technical and specialized job, it felt disheartening initially to see how far generative AI has come to answer the most challenging questions. It could answer questions that required years of expertise for me to reach, which made me feel a little uneasy . Obvious questions came up - Is my job replacable too? Will developers one day be replaced with Generative AI?

After months of fighting the feeling of adopting AI, to reaching a stage where it is my best friend to answer all the technical and business questions - I believe in a world where humans and AI can come together to form a better world.

“Artificial intelligence is not a separate entity from us, but a reflection of our own mind. By cultivating it with skillful means and ethical values, we can enhance our own enlightenment and benefit all beings.” —Reid Hoffmann

Personally, I believe this is an inflection point in human history which can change forever how the world works - for the better. A couple of inflection points with respect to technology that I could think of are:

  1. The first personal computers in the 1980s

  2. The launch of world wide web in 1990s

  3. Mobile phones becoming a household entity in 2000s

  4. Automation, cloud computing, and blockchain in 2010s

There is no doubt in my head that Generative AI is the inflection point of the third decade - the people and organizations who accept the wave, will make the most money/solve the most challenging problems.

Over the next few weeks, I will be covering my stints with Chat GPT -

  1. Learning Time Series forecasting on real data in 3 hrs

  2. Analysing organizational cultural structures 10x faster

  3. Writing amazing marketing analysis reports 5x faster

What have your experiences with ChatGPT been?

Please share if you have interesting things I can learn :)

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